Warranty Information

Part(s) supplied by AIP Electronics, shall carry a limited 12 Month/Unlimited Mileage Warranty as described herein:

  • AIP Electronics warrants every new part to be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of sale. Warranty only applies to the original vehicle on which the part is installed. Under this Warranty and subject to such conditions, every defective Part will be replaced by AIP Electronics after it is returned to AIP Electronics’s warehouse or authorized returns facility. Each return must include the original bill of sale and supporting diagnostic information.
  • This warranty covers only part(s)provided by AIP Electronics.
  • This warranty will be voided for any of the following reasons: Part is altered, misused, abused, neglected or operated under conditions other than those for which the part was designed and intended for;Damaged due to improper installation or installed without following manufacturer installation instructions; Not used for their intended purpose;Installed in a vehicle where regular factory-recommended maintenance is not performed as required; Considered by AIP Electronics to be defective as a result of environmental contamination due to fluid, rust, dirt, debris, corrosion, and/or other vehicle agent found in the mechanical system; Returned to AIP Electronics without the Purchaser’s original bill of sale and supporting diagnostic information; Sold or supplied by an unauthorized person or entity.
  • Replacement of the part supplied by AIP Electronics shall be the only resolution available to a purchaser under this warranty. This warranty does not cover any claims for labor, or any other expenses incurred by the purchaser, including but not limited to loss of the use of the vehicle, towing charges, rental of a replacement vehicle or any other indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages.
  • If any returned part(s) are no longer supplied by AIP Electronics, this warranty shall be voided as of the date of receiving the returned part(s). At our sole discretion, credit may be substituted for eligible warranty claims.
  • This warranty only applies to the original purchaser from AIP Electronics. Any warranty provided by resellers will serve as the primary warranty. This warranty is for the sole benefit of and enforceable only by the first purchaser from AIP Electronics. This warranty is not transferable and is voided in the event that the vehicle in which the part(s) have been installed is sold, leased or otherwise transferred to another owner.